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Korea first milk 우유 (uyu)!

OK so I’ve landed in Korea and just before I boarded the excellent coach to the hotel I had a little time to wander around one of world’s best airports Incheon. Here’s my first korean milk purchase.

Korean Milk 우유 (uyu)

Korean Milk 우유 (uyu)

In Korean milk is pronounced ‘uyu’ using Hangul (한글) it is written as 우유. I love Hangul and will describe its benefits more fully in a later post.


One Response to “Korea first milk 우유 (uyu)!”

  1. Wow, 우유 it’s a boy and a girl! And I think the gal is wearing a dress. :)) Such a funny word to watch!

    Posted by Lilia Borissova | June 18, 2011, 8:45 am

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